Tiny Home Africa’s story.

We are designers, technical experts and manufacturer’s with a joint 40 years of experience in product design, tech and engineering industry. We’ve come together to reinvent the way people live in their homes. We believe that true freedom comes with living where you want and releasing yourself from unnecessary financial strain which causes stress.

That’s how tinyhome.africa was born. Our homes are designed to allow you to live anywhere by simply towing your home to a new location. We’ve included all the comforts, coupled with beautiful aesthetics to give you a smaller, neater, less cluttered, contemporary space which brings the outside inside. Our use of floor to ceiling safety glass coupled with high ceilings allow the feeling of spaciousness without the heavy price tag.

Recharge your natural settings by living in a minimalist space that has everything you need whilst allowing you to connect with nature.

Meet the team.

Tinyhomes form an integral part of the way we will live in the future. We’re proud to bring you the perfect minimalist Tinyhome that will allowone to live comfortably and in style.


Founder, Tinyhome.africa

It’s exciting to think that Tinyhomes will give so many more people the freedom to live where and how they want. We are building smart homes that will allow people to live entirely offgrid if they want to.


R&D, Tinyhome.africa

I believe our Tinyhomes will appeal to the tech savvy people who enjoy sleek, touchscreen switches and the comfort of IOT tech. Our homes are designed for maximum comfort at the flick of your finger.


Tech, Tinyhome.africa

What we believe in.

Our Tinyhomes are built on wheels and made from light steel frames allowing you to take them to any level surface. We guarantee a solid, durable design that will shelter you in your new landscape.


Expand on our basic unit by adding kids pods, work pods or social pods and connect the spaces with decks and interleading walkways.

Easy Off-grid.

Living in our tiny homes means you can live anywhere. You can connect to mains for electricity and water or you can harvest your own rainwater and use solar power with composting toilets. The choice and freedom is always yours.

Durability and eco-friendliness.

Our homes are built in a factory environment with no run-off from wetworks or building rubble. Every piece of material is carefully used and allocated to our tiny homes to create a modern cocoon of coziness.

Smart homes.

Our tiny homes are equipped with clever Sonoff systems that allow for smartphone technology.