Where can I place my Tinyhome?

Each Tinyhome model can be placed nearly anywhere Recreational Vehicles (RVs) or Park Model Trailers (PTs) can. They can also be used as guest dwellings on properties  and farms.

Please check with your local legislation to make sure tiny homes are permitted where you’d like to park it.

Can the design be modified?

Yes, within reason and dependent upon work load at the time of order. We will always strive to accommodate our customers as best we can. Our goal at is to provide cutting edge quality by using high end finishes that are green-oriented and sustainable, as well as aesthetically exceptional. You can select different fittings and finishes to a certain extent and change the layout of the windows and doors.

How can I finance my Tinyhome?

We don’t offer inhouse financing, but are happy to work with any bank to help finance your loan. These units can be financed like a vehicle; with payment plans stretched across the desired months.

All financing would be subject to credit approval and acceptance.

How is delivery made?

Your Tinyhome can be towed for delivery anywhere where there are standard, good quality roads across South Africa.

We will help coordinate the delivery of your Tinyhome model by obtaining bids from several national trucking companies. Certain height limitations apply.  If shipping internationally, alternate shipping methods may be required.

The delivery location must be accessible by the towing vehicle in order to place the home on site. Your Tinyhome on wheels needs to be able to roll onto a pre-levelled position. You are responsible for preparing the location.

As your Tinyhome is on wheels, no foundations are needed and the unit is loose standing.

Does my Tinyhome come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1 year structural warranty. High quality standard building indistry materials are used throughout. Appliance warranties are based on the individual manufacturer. 

Are your Tinyhomes certified?

Yes, our Tinyhomes come with a legal certification and electrical certificate. You will need to check with your local municipality as to the regulations for the use of a Tinyhome on wheels in your preferred location.

Our Tinyhomes are built on and certified as a trailer, making towing a breeze. They are designed and built to be compliant with highway travel laws in SA.

Every detail is constructed to handle the stress of travel.

Can it be easily moved?

The Tinyhome is on wheels and can be relocated to another location. Any water, electrical and sewerage connections will need to be undone and reconnected at the new site.

What do I need to prepare?

You will be responsible for levelling the ground and compacting it to ensure a stable base for the Tinyhome. You will also need to ensure suitable access to the delivery point.

How is it built?

The Tinyhomes are built on a galvanised steel double axle trailer base conforming to national road safety standards. The home is entirely built in our factory from a light steel frame which is clad and insulated.

The home includes a dual DB board which can be connected to mains or solar and all plumbing pipes and fittings are built in and ready for connection.

Solar panels can be ordered and the roof can be connected to water tanks allowing the harvesting of rainwater.

Toilets can be connected to a septic tank or sewerage line. Alternatively, composting toilets can be used.

What are the measurements?

Our standard design is 8m long and 2.5m wide and the home internal ceiling is 2.7m at the highest side. Our stacking aluminium doors are 3m wide allowing for large open areas leading to the outside.