Ordering process

Where can I view a tiny home?

We have a Figur 8 showhouse located in Pringle bay which can be viewed by appointment or booked for a stay.

Email yulande@tinyhome.africa to make a booking.

What types of tiny homes have you built?

We have built tiny homes on wheels, tiny home modular units, holiday accommodation units, offices, pop-up shops and glass forest cabins. You can view our social media channels for photos and videos.

Where can I place my Tinyhome?

Tiny homes can be placed anywhere a road can access. A residential plot, a farm, in your back garden, these all make great locations. Building plans must be submitted just like a normal build. We can assist with this.

Tiny homes on wheels may only be used in caravan parks or resort zoned properties.

Can the design be modified?

Yes, you can design a custom unit with us if our standard modules don’t work for you. We charge a R5k design fee to draw up new plans for you. Fittings and finishes can be selected and you can change the layout of the windows and doors.

How can I finance my Tinyhome?

We can refer you to a 3rd party asset financing company.

All financing would be subject to credit approval and acceptance.

How is delivery made?

Our units are delivered by crane truck anywhere where there are standard, good-quality roads across South Africa. Units can be built up to 3m wide in which case we deliver by abnormal truck with an escort vehicle. The delivery location must be accessible by the truck in order to place the home on site.

Your Tinyhome needs to be able to roll or be positioned onto a pre-levelled position. You are responsible for preparing the location.

We will help coordinate the delivery of your Tinyhome model. Certain height limitations apply.

Does my Tinyhome come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 1 year structural warranty and includes various material guarantees of up to 15 years. High-quality, standard building industry materials are used throughout. Appliance warranties are based on the individual manufacturer.

Are your Tinyhomes certified?

Yes, our Tinyhomes can be certified by structural engineer if required.

Our Tinyhomes on wheels are built on and certified as a trailer. They are designed and built to be compliant with highway travel laws in SA.

Every detail is constructed to handle the stress of travel.

Can it be easily moved?

The units can be relocated to another location. Any water, electrical and sewerage connections will need to be undone and reconnected at the new site.

What do I need to prepare?

You will need to submit building plans to your local council for approval. We can assist with putting you in touch with a draftsman and engineer who can draw up and submit the plans for you at an additional cost.

You will be responsible for leveling the ground and casting concrete plinths to ensure a stable base for the Tinyhome. You will also need to ensure suitable access to the delivery point.

Prior to delivery you should have your septic or conservancy tank installed on-site by a local plumber. The cost is around R38k. Once delivered you are responsible for arranging a local plumber and electrician to connect your unit to the services.

How is it built?

The Tinyhomes are entirely built in our factory on a steel base. From there we build using a light steel frame which is clad and insulated.

The home includes a DB board that can be connected to mains or solar and all plumbing pipes and fittings are built-in and ready for connection on site.

Off-grid options?

For off-grid options a 3KW solar system can be ordered for +-R68k which will service lights, plugs and fridge. Larger systems can be quoted for more complicated requirements. Gas geysers are used to heat water and gas is used for cooking. Toilets can be connected to a septic tank or sewerage line. Alternatively, composting toilets can be used.

What are the sizes?

Our units can measure up to 9m long and 3m wide and the home internal ceiling is 2.7m at the highest side. Our stacking aluminium doors are 3m wide allowing for large open areas leading to the outside. 

From there units can be combined modularly.

Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts on multiple builds.

Can you build double story?

Our prefab units must conform to road traveling heights and can therefore only be single story.

What are the payment terms?

We require a 50 % deposit to commence the build. Once the internals are installed we request an additional 40 % with 10 % balance due on final inspection prior to delivery.